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The London Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Service

We offer a personal service to find a suitable psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Call us to speak to our Referral Therapist, or fill out our contact form and our Referral Therapist will contact you. After an initial conversation about your reason for seeking psychotherapy, a consultation will be arranged.
  2. In your psychotherapy consultation you can discuss the issues in detail. The psychotherapist will assess your situation and, if agreed, refer you to a psychotherapist for ongoing sessions. The consultation ensures you have time and space to think about how to proceed. The consultation will last up to 1½ hours and the fee is £100.

    LPPS adheres to the data protection principles of GDPR.

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    Phone or email our Referral Therapist who will respond promptly to your enquiry:
    07808 800 977 or 020 3189 1355

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    Freud, Civilisation and Its Discontents